Organic Jewelry by Allie, colorful eco jewels giving back

Organic Jewelry by Allie’s mission is to create fashion jewels with good karma — helping to promote social change and protect the rainforest one design at a time.

The Tagua Nut is harvested from the rainforest in Ecuador and Colombia as an eco-friendly way for farmers to receive income. It has a long process of drying (6-months), dying, hand-sanding, hand carving resining, polishing, painting and beading which makes each piece lightweight and One-of-a-Kind.

Her pieces are 100% handmade and Eco-friendly and Vegan. The Tagua Nut is known as ‘Vegetable Ivory' as it’s interior is Ivory —but there are no poaching of elephants for their tusks.

Additionally, Allie’s 2 passions in life are Orphan Girls and Animal Rescue which moves her heart and soul. 10% of her sales are designated to "Operation Girl Empowering” — giving Barbie dolls and school supplies to the Orphanage Mary of Hope in Ecuador every Christmas. She believes, like Michelle Obama and Oprah, that a girl who studies and feels beloved will become a successful woman.

Her line "You Rescued me" for dog lovers gives 40% of the sales to many rescue organizations in California. Over the last 4 years she has provided dry food for Animals Friends of The Valleys, beds and blankets to Living Free Animal Sanctuary, and donates regularly to Wolf Creek Dog Rescue and Aussie Rescue Forever which helps pay-down large veterinary bills.

She feels deeply and finds causes that moves her heart and soul -- orphan girls in her native country of Ecuador and orphan pets. Her newly adopted country,USA inspires her to give back as well.

Mission-Driven. Wearable Art, Conscious Fashion!

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