From the rainforest tree, to your body, a total handmade and vegan art, Organic Jewelry by Allie creates jewels with good karma and gives back to the community

Our final product is so organic and beautiful! You deserve Organic Jewelry by Allie.

Calamari rings of tagua ready to go, Allie plays with the material creating is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle with symmetric and passion for color.

Vegetables dies for the warm colors, italian dies for the cold colors, deeping and coloring of the nuts in pool takes 2 weeks. The color never runs off.

Hand polishing vegetable ivory or tagua, with the same resin used in dental implants

Carving and drilling of the nuts with carpenter tools, this hard work is mainly done by the men of the house. Tagua Jewelry making keeps families together

You can not be a designer until you put your hands in the material, Allie the head designer is beading with other ecuadorian women artisans. We employ mainly cooperatives of women working from home.

Tagua nut drying takes up to 6 months for the nut to get hard it and then we carve , dye with vegetable dies and bead the jewels

Tagua nut mococha looks like gigantic coconuts with nuts inside

Tagua tree or elephant tree in Ecuador Forest

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